Actions speak louder than words

Hi Daniel,

After we got our funding on Kickstarter for the OCDock project, we moved to China in the beginning of January to make sure that the manufacturing will go smooth. We have changed manufacturing partners 4 times before finding JCD-Tech and Johnny. We had many issues with the previous partners and also lost a lot of money with dealing with them. One of the bigger companies only made half the amount of products that we ordered from them and they are not willing to make any more, because they had a higher scrap rate than they initially planned and are blaming us for too high quality needs. Although we agreed on the quality standards together and also signed quality samples that they manufactured.

Now after we started working together with Johnny we have resolved all our problems regarding the manufacturing and have delivered all our Kickstarter orders and some extra.
Johnny is in charge in charge of the whole project for us and, the manufacturing of all the separate details and also the final assembly and QC.
Currently I am still in China and we are making the second mass production run (2000PCS)  of the OCDock with JCD-Tech. It should be finished by the end of the next month.

I personally can only recommend Johnny because he is the only one who I know 100% will produce exactly what he says he will and I don't wish to take the responsibility of suggesting some other factory who might be good but also might turn out bad this one time. There might be other factories out there who happen to be good for you (I mean there must be, the amount of factories in this area alone is staggering, some of them are bound to have good quality), but since my own experience has not shown that to be the case with the ones we've tried then I can't recommend anybody else. Things to consider: the factories you've contacted might look that you're not geographically located in China and therefore go for the one-time-sale-cheapest-quality business model (which happens surprisingly often here); they might try to bait you into transferring a large sum of money and hoping that this makes you stick to them and willing to wait for next samples instead of demanding instant refund when first signs of low quality samples come because you're already come so far with them; they might genuinely not understand your quality requirements (or naively hope that you lower your expectations and accept what they send once they tell this is the best they can do); the sales person hasn't fully talked the process through with the technical manager, an actual engineer, the factory manager, the factory worker on CNC machines or product handling people (stuff gets dropped, thrown, mishandled and get scuff-marks and dents) or some details of the information may have got lost in translation or the chain of people; the machining factory hasn't talked yet talked to the anodizing place to check if their price estimates are accurate; the quality of the aluminum finish (sand blast, polish, anodizing time/amount/grain-size/etc) haven't been talked about enough and they expect it to be lower (cheaper).

Let me know if you have any more detailed questions and I will gladly answer them.

Good luck on your Kickstarter project :)

Best Wishes,
Harry Holm

OCDesk Co-Founder


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